Walking stick

"9.10 am. I walk to the door, leave my slippers and slip on my shoes, put on my sunglasses and grab my bag, I go out. I decide to go for coffee at Cucchi's, but first I stop to buy the newspaper. I arrive at the café, sit outside at the small table. I lay the newspaper and glasses on the top, but where do I put the cane? On the floor? I prop it on the top but, ah,it slips and inevitably falls. Then I remember that this last stick I got is different! I separate it, attach the two parts with the magnet and hook the whole thing to the edge of the table thanks to the handle that double as a clip. I enjoy my coffee."

The stick was part of the exhibition "Sticks & Canes" curated by Keiji Takeuchi at Triennale Milano and supported by Karimoku during the MDW 2024.

Julien Renault (contest)
Miro Zagnoli (still life)
Caterina Valletta (detail)