Art direction.
The DIGEST collection was presented at Milano Design Week 2018. It was born from the desire to provide a vision of furniture in metal as essential and light. The name itself, Digest, indicates a process of decomposition and simplification. Weldings, joints, and seams disappear in the search for a formal and visual lightness, in an attempt to eliminate the heavy, industrial effect that metal objects tend to have. These works embody oxymoron, aiming for a robust lightness. The designers involved are united by a particular human sensitivity that is reflected in their work: they tend toward a richness of the essential that leads to effective yet silent objects.

Fucina is a company that was founded by the masters of Lidi, a leader for fifty years in the metal carpentry sector. Lidi is focused on the processing of the material from a structural point of view and on continuous research into surface finishes, which arises from clients’ specific needs as well as from the company’s reflections and experiments. Fucina wishes to pursue new challenges and does so through collaboration with various designers, under the artistic direction of Maddalena Casadei.

Visual identity Studio Vedet
Photo Miro Zagnoli