Foof dog&poeple

Starting from the world of Foof, a dog rescue centre, and the first Europe dog museum we have developed a brand of products which doesn't focus on dogs alone, but also on the two-way relationship between dogs and people. The Dog & People collection has been developed to make life easier and meet the needs of both parties, helping owners to see through the eyes of their dogs so as to ensure mutual respect. The products are designed for everyday activities such as drinking, eating, sleeping and playing. The leit-motif of the collection are the two eyes. The eyes of dogs, the eyes of people. Useful eyes. Useful for lifting up the bowls, for making the toy easier to clean….Materials, shapes and colours feature specific techniques dictated by the purpose of the product. The all collection has been designed, studied, developed and made in Italy.

Foof dog&people 
Art direction Maddalena Casadei / Marialaura Rossiello Irvine
Photo Delfino Sisto Legnani